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Hi guys, I have a strange problem. I just got an iphone 3GS for Christmas. Yesterday it was connecting to my system fine, overnight I shut down my computer and took some pictures on my phone last night and today when I went to connect my phone to my computer, I got the "New Hardware Wizard" and can't load an appropriate driver.

The strange thing is that iTunes still detects/recognizes my phone and syncs ok with it but XP doesn't recognize it appropriately anymore. I ran the iTunes diagnostics utility and all the tests came out ok. I uninstalled/reinstalled the latest version of iTunes and I still have the same problem.

What I want to do is get the photos I took off my phone and onto my computer, but XP won't properly recognize it and I can't transfer pictures off iTunes so I don't know what to do. Can anyone help assist me to get XP to recognize my iphone again?

Windows XP Pro
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    You might try to:
    Wait until Windows has fully loaded and your hard drive activity has stopped.
    Then plug your IPhone into your USB port.
    If not detected manually start Camera and Scanner program to see if iPhone is listed. If not, unplug, then wait a minute and replug in your iPhone. This will allow the computer to rescan the ports.

    If your antivirus or other programs try to upgrade after boot and you plug in your iPhone it may not be detected while windows does it's business. After windows allows you to use your computer again the USB ports get rescanned.

    Or your driver might have got corrupted. Usually XP will search for a driver automatically.
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    Hi sorry none of those are solutions to my problem.

    I can add however that this only happens when there is photos in the camera roll. I deleted the pictures I had and XP doesn't complain about new hardware detection. The caveat to this is that my phone is not registering as an imaging device as I am assuming it is supposed to which is why Windows keeps detecting it as "new hardware" when there is photos in the camera roll. Which pretty much ***** because that means I cannot get any pictures off my phone into XP, I could try doing it in Linux or something I guess.
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    What antivirus are you using? Did you remove it and test?
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    I don't use anti-virus software. The camera part of the iphone does not register on my system. Apparently quite a few people have this problem with various workarounds that seem to be hit or miss depending on what users you talk to. I have however not found a solution that works for myself. I plan to test my phone under linux to try and grab the photos/files off my phone manually. It would still be nice to find a way to do this in XP though.
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    Does it happen on every computer or just this one? That way we could narrow it down to iPhone or something on computer. Have you tried creating a new user on computer?
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    I have similar issues and it seems to have to do with how many pictures are in the camera roll... a few pics and my pc recognises the hardware fine but more than a few and the PC does not recognize the iphone as a camer at all. I have been having this issue for months now... On Win 7 Ultimate as well as Win Vista and Win XP. Using Laptops and Desktops. So I believe it has something to do with how the iphone queues up the file names to show over USB. This has also been a issue with multiple versions of the Iphone firmware as well as multiple versions of Itunes. I assume that the apple driver does not change with every version of Itunes. I have also tried different USB ports and hubs to no avail. It really seems like a bug in the communication between the phone and the USB driver.
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    What program tries to recognize that there is a "camera" with pictures connected? Is it the standard XP, Vista, Win 7 viewer or something you've installed?

    As a side note...when there are no pics in the camera roll my computer will not populate a device is connected...only when pictures are there will it pop into the My Computer...

    Aside from reinstalling iTunes, you may try removing the AMDS files and drivers, then also remove iTunes and then install all back...the driver issue may be tied to the AMDS sync and not iTunes.


    The reinstall of AMDS is at the bottom of the page