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Ok, The problem that I am having with this iPod Nano(4th Generation) is that when I plug it into my computer (Windows 7, 64bit OS) is that it will say "installing software/device" then "device is not installed correctly". The ipod then goes into the "apple logo" boot from the being plugged into the USB port. it will then say "USB Device not recognized" and when I click "options/troubleshoot" on the driver it says "unknown device" with my other USB ports (unused ports)and it cannot be updated,rolled back and when I uninstall the ipod it does the same thing. The Ipod Continues to turn on and off while plugged into the USB port. It will then show the menu (songs,pictures,movies,ect)
and then give me the little signal saying something like "plug into charger" and the ipod then dies and reboots back to the "apple" and continues to do this problem. It's not my USB ports, or the USB cord. I've tried it on 3 differn't computers (Windows XP and Windows 7) and used 2 different cords (one that came with the ipod one I bought from a store). My Ipod (Ipod Nano 2nd Generation) works perfectly and is recognized, can be synced and is recognized. I also have a wall plug/charger that when plugged into my Ipod nano 2G it charges it, and when I plug the Ipod Nano 4G into the charger the ipod does not turn on. I have been able to access the Ipod nano 4g into disk mode (while holding the start/stop button and middle wheel while the apple logo appears). and it does nothing and turns off and then on but if I have the buttons pressed even when it shuts off it will go back to disk mode after briefly seeing the Ipod's Apple logo. If you have ANY other questions I will reply ASAP and answer you.
PLEASE I really want to get this fixed. I would honestly appreciate ANY help!

s5220y, Windows 7, HP 65bit OS