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Ok got a 3GS, trying to get it connected ot my home WiFi network (I have a touch which connects fine)

I switch on wifi, it finds my network, and has a tick next to it but it doesnt show any IP or details on the page, and no WiFi strength bar on the top of the status bar (although shows good strength on the WiFi setting page)

I do use MAC filtering but added it, tried it on/off and nothing. I also use WPA2, and typed in the p/word fine, as I say my iPod touch connects fine

Can someone help this is driving me nuts


Mac OS X (10.5.8),  iMac 20",4Gb nano 3G,16Gb touch 1G, 8Gb nano 4G,Shuffle 1G, tv ,iPhone 3G S⃣
  • the loc-man Level 1 (15 points)
    I found a typo in my MAC filtering, but as I said I tried with this off and it didnt work then?
    But now it does connect but now I have another question please...

    Anyway, it connects, but now I make my SSID invisible, I put the network in OTHER on the iPhone and it connected, but how do I make the iPhone remember my Hidden SSID WiFi network so it connects everytime without having to manually enter in SSID/Password etc? or is this not possible