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How do you find out (accurately!) what printers work with Airport? I have an HP PSC 1500 printer which I thought was compatible but it isn't. If I have to buy a new printer, I would like to be sure that it will work. Anyone have the link/information for this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    +How do you find out (accurately!) what printers work with Airport?+

    Unfortunately, Apple does not furnish a "compatible printer" list.

    If you are looking for a new printer or all-in-one device, be sure to get an ethernet "network" device. Then you won't have to worry about compatibility at all as it will hook up on your ethernet connection...not the USB connection on your AirPort router.

    Even if you find a "compatible" printer and you have an all-in-one device, +only the printing function will work. You won't be able to scan, fax or check ink levels, etc. without hooking the device up to the USB port on your computer.+

    Bottom line...if you want a printer or all-in-one to work on the network, get a network device. In other words, make sure your device will hook up using ethernet, not USB.
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    I just want to be able to share the printer in our house (other functions don't really matter). Is there no way to get Airport to work with my HP printer?
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    All I can suggest is the most complete troubleshooting guide that I've seen.


    If you work your way through this step by step and still can't connect, then your printer is not compatible and you will need to either seek an alternate solution or leave things be.

    If you decide to get a new printer, don't make the mistake of getting a USB printer. Get an ethernet printer.
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    The HP support for remote USB printing has been poor, but there is an open-source printer driver for HP printers called hpijs which will allow your HP USB printer to work with AirPort/Time Capsule USB printing. I installed it a few OS X versions ago, and it works fine. I use the HP 3550 with a Time Capsule.
    The installation is a little hairy, only because you have to follow instructions and install a bunch of separate items. But it really is pretty easy, just make a stiff drink, download each of the packages and press "install". But I promise it really works (you can google for other testimonials). The link to the hpijs drivers is:

    PS - I don't remember if it is also necessary to install the OS X Developer Tools. Couldn't hurt. Also I haven't tried 10.6 yet.