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My iPod seems to successfully sync my Windows Contacts to my iPod and I drag simple .txt files to the Notes folder on the iPod. However, these two items never actually end up appearing on the iPod. They always read "No Notes" or "No Contacts". Any help?

Custom built, Windows 7
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    Putting something in a folder on the iPod as it appears on your computer is not the same as adding it to iTunes.
    It won't appear on the iPod itself.
    You must instead sync these things using iTunes.
    You can do that with the Contacts tab of your iPod in iTunes.

    I'm not sure if you can add notes with iTunes, but they won't appear on the iPod if you just drag and drop.

    Good luck!
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    Actually, I've successfully dragged over contacts (once they're converted to the right format) and notes in the past since the iPod is in Disk Mode. However, they only appear when they feel like it. A visit to a Genius Bar revealed that this problem does not occur when the iPod is formatted for Macintosh (HFS+) instead of Windows (FAT32). Yet, the computer with my music library is Windows, so the iPod must be in the Windows format.

    However, once I noticed that iTunes supported taking from my Windows Contacts folder, I set that up too and it still doesn't show up, even though iTunes says it's copying the contacts over and "Optimizing contacts with photos"
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  • Entegy Level 1 (100 points)
    Whatever it was, this is solved as of iTunes 9.1... Guess it was something in the Windows version of iTunes itself.
  • Entegy Level 1 (100 points)
    Was automatically fixed in iTunes 9.1 somehow...
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    My iPod nano 3G won't sync the contacts, there are No Contacts after syncing. iTunes 9.2, Mac G5 OSX 10.4.11, iPod software 1.1.3.

    Any suggestions?