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I am trying to get this nx510 printer to work wirelessly with my new MBP15. I am using an ad hoc connection directly to my MBP since I don't have a wireless router or other access point. I have followed the instructions on the Epson website and downloaded the updated drivers/etc for OSX 10.6 and I have followed the instructions for creating the connection. The nx shows up in airport but thats all, it does not show anywhere else that it is an available printer.

Can anyone help me get this printer working?

MacBook Pro 15, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Does the printer have a built-in wireless capability? If not then you cannot print to it wirelessly without a wireless access point for the printer.

    If the printer has built-in wireless capability then you need to use Print & Fax preferences to add a new printer. When you do the Printer Setup Utility should appear. Click on the Default icon in the toolbar. Your printer should appear in the Bonjour list. Select the printer. Allow the setup utility to locate the installed printer driver. When it does the printer info should appear in the two lower fields. If it doesn't then use the Print Using: drop down menu to locate and select the driver, then click on the Add button.
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    Thanks for the reply,
    The printer does have built in wifi, setup is convoluted though because there is a download for drivers and software instead of using the supplied disc due to 10.6.2. I followed your instructions and it does not show up when attempting to add it.
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    My Artisan 810 came with a separate instruction sheet for wireless installation and it specifically mentioned that you have to hook it up via USB cable first and then, at some point, it'll tell you to remove the cable. So you might want to check your documentation to see if yours would have the same instructions.
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    I'm not at all familiar with the printer. Nevertheless, the wireless setup for the printer must involve some sort of network information you need to supply or configure. Does the printer use DHCP to connect to your network? You need to carefully read through the documentation to find out what's needed to setup the printer so it connects to your wireless network.

    Have you looked here? There's a link for a video tutorial.

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    Kappy, Barbara,
    Thanks for your input! Long story short: I called Epson Tech Support this morning and was transferred to their Mac/wireless expert in Manila. He lead me through the same steps I had taken previously, except without a security code which is part of the Epson instructions. Now it works.
    Thanks again,
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    Glad it worked out for you!

    Kappy - wanted to let you know that we were scammed by the person renting out the Kitsilano apt (authorities were notified, but we're out the money) and now have found a condo at Aquarius Mews for the Olympics.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that news. It's a sign of the times in Canada. I cannot believe the crime rate increase over the last nine years we've been summering in Vancouver. Used to be we never saw any violent crime news in the paper, and now it's as regular a feature as it is here in the US. Crime in Vancouver has escalated dramatically. There are pretty obvious reasons why, but it's not a politically correct topic for discussion here. I guess the Olympics will bring out both the best and the worst of Vancouver. It's a shame you had to be victimized. It's not anything I would have expected, either. But I know that's little consolation.

    I'm surprised you cannot get your money back. Surely the police can arrest the party involved and perhaps recover your loss.

    I hope this event won't spoil your vacation. Enjoy the Olympics!
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    I'm working with my credit card company; that may produce results. The scammer was recently evicted due to non-payment of rent, so there is no money there. We'll enjoy it - just got our tickets and hopefully the new place is not a scam! And your restaurant recommendations (maps/phone numbers) have been printed out - I am ready to go...
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    Have a great time, Barbara. Check www.vanmag.com for good online info and updates on restaurants. Apparently some changes have been happening because of the economy. Some places have closed while others have had to make changes to adapt to the economic situation by lowering prices or changing their format from upscale to mid-priced.

    Anyway, eat out often because Vancouver is full of really good restaurants, and the Olympic period is too short to catch all of them, but you can catch many.
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    Cool magazine - thanks again!