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Hi,I got a new ipod touch and I downloaded some free games but when I try to open them they will not open.When I touch on the game it will try to start but then it will go back to the home screen.Please help.Thanks
  • zeeba47 Level 1 Level 1
    This is also happening to me. The first free apps I downloaded (on Christmas) are now briefly appearing to open but then returning to the home screen. The apps I downloaded yesterday are working.
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    My daughter received a new 8gb ipod touch for Christmas. Just as many have complained, she downloaded a few applications. One was popcaps bejeweled 2 and the other was free texting. When she would attempt to open they would immediately close back to the main screen. Like many before me I went through the frustrating period of soft and hard resetting, rebuying the application, and restoring the ipod. Then I found a discussion board on Apple discussions that suggested restoring the ipod, +but using the+ "RESTORE AS NEW" option. When I did this the apps worked fine. Good luck and hope this helps.
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    The solution in the third reply also worked for my moms new Ipod touch 3rd gen. We hit restore thru Itunes on the computer, then when prompted to restore from backuped ipod or start as new Ipod - start as new and restore the ipod to the original settings. Download one free app from the itunes store on your computer, sync with your computer and then test. We started with facebook and it is working fine now. Hope this helps.
  • hopeful helpful Level 1 Level 1
    This doesnt really fix the problem, but i figured out a way to at least get some apps working. after hours of looking through forums, i finally found one with a good site http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414. then you have to restore the whole thing.

    if you go to the itunes page on the computer, then click your ipod touch under devices on the far left, then go to summary and scroll over to the right there is a button that says restore.

    which takes a little while, and it resets the whole ipod so you have to re-do everything. i just got mine christmas so was annoyed to already have a problem, but now my apps are working again. hope it helps!
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    Ok so like i just got my ipod touch xmas day. Right. And well yesterday i was listening to music and my sister exited it and then touched a app and then all the sudden the app shut it self off right away! like what the heck. Anyways, so i went to the Apple Store, and both of our ipod touches ironically had this same problem.
    And so we go in there ask the man and he was like oh usually the problem is when your touch will logout of your email and forget you pw so i wont open up. So we try that and it doesnt work and then he goes in and is like well this is rare. Like WHAT? have you seen this disscussion form? RARE?! excuse me i think not. AND if it is so rare then what in the world would be the chances of my sister and I get this "rare" problem all the sudden. So he says oh restore your ipod yeah we did and we did all that crap it didnt work. I am SO outraged i had it for only 2 days i mean COME ON. I think Apple has a serious problem on their hands and they better find out how to fix it. I want to sue im so angry. The funny thing is they don't think this is a big problem hahahha, well we will see about that.
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    I went through the same apcray of apps not working and spending hours looking for a solution, and I can see on a dozen forums that probably 1,000's of ipod and iphone owners spent hours resolving these basic problems. It infuriates me that Apple doesn't have a basic solution and have ads all over the place to save us all those frustrating hours. This is my first apple product and my opinion of apple as a company is that it doesn't give a about its customers once it has their money. Good luck finding a solution while apple bigwigs enjoy your dough.
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    Have the same problem. iPod Touch with latest OS. Worked perfect before. Yesterday I could not open newly installed applications anymore. The standard applications and anything installed before that worked perfectly. Did a full factory restore (and erased all data). Will try to resync everything back this evening. This seems to be a recurrent issue so hopefuly apple will pick it up at some point and come with a fix...
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    Here's the solution - there's already another forum about this: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=10793606#10793606
  • Filip.Gilbert Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you for the pointer! A full reset of the iPod did the job. Just need to reconfigure and resync the 30GB of songs on it now...