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here is the deal:

I have an 32gb iPhone 3G S that is associated with my iTunes on my home iMac. That is where all my music, photos, videos, contacts, apps, yada yada yada is.

I gave my wife a 32 gb iPhone 3G S for Christmas that I want to use the same iTunes on my home iMac so we will both have the ability to have the music, photos, videos, contacts, apps, yada yada yada synced with our iPhones.

When I plug in my wifes new iPhone, the iTunes "Set Up Your Phone" page comes up and it says:

An iPhone has been previously synced with this computer.
( ) Set up as a new iPhone
( ) Restore from the backup of [ Bo's iPhone ]

Neither of these are what I want to do. I want to sync a SECOND iphone to itunes.

How can I get it done???? Thanks for your help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPhone 3g S
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    You want to choose to setup as a new iphone. It is seeing that another iphone has been synced with your computer and asking if you want to put that information on your wife's iphone. When you setup as a new iphone it will allow you to sync information to it just like it did when you first setup yours. This is the way you want to do it. I sync 2 iphones with my computer and works perfectly fine.
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    As you are setting us a new iphone, you should select set up as new iphone.

    It is a new iphone correct?

    You can sync as many iphones as you like to one computer.