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I'm having BIG problems loading some websites, whereas others work fine.

When I try and connect to:

LoveFilm, Genes Reunited, Mr Site, Barclays, MSN messenger or Live

the browser just spins and says "loading", but nothing happens for minutes until it says it cannot load the page.

This also affect Itunes. I can't make a purchase. I click for a purchase, it asks for my password, then doesn't do anything at all. Then it won't let me see my account.

All websites used to work fine, but at some point in the last 2 or 3 months they all dropped off the radar...

I have tried using Firefox but this doesn't make any difference. I have spoken to technical support at Apple who said the Mac seems to be working OK, so perhaps it is my wireless Netgear Router, but I have looked for faults in this and can't seem to find anything.

Is it just that Netgear and Apple Mac are incompatible? Or am I simply going insane?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Jay Bullock Level 4 (3,800 points)
    Netgear and Apple work fine--I'm using that combination right now, in fact.

    Since your problem is not browser specific, there may be something in your Network system preferences that causes a problem. Try these:

    1. Create a new location, to see if that resolves it.
    2. Create a new test user, to see if the problem persists.

    It might not hurt to double-check the security settings on your router ( http://routerlogin.com ), which is easy enough. Or to reset it entirely: There is a pinhole on the router into which you insert a paperclip and press for ten seconds. Then go to the link above and set up again as normal. (The admin password resets to the default.)

    Good luck!
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    In addition to Jay's suggestions...

    Since you said that some pages do load fine, I am wondering if these pages load fine consistently? And do the pages that do not load, do they "not load" consistently?

    The Router may be a suspect, keep in mind though that Jay is correct that there is no Mac compatibility issue with your router.

    You could try plugging you Mac into the router with an Ethernet cable and see if the problem persist. Make sure if you do this to temporarily turn of the Macs Airport.

    I had a router die on me a year ago and the symptoms were very similar. Of coarse I was in denial and tried blaming it on the cable company. I lost!
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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the tips. I set a new location, but the problem persists. Although - how do you create a new test user?

    I reset the router a couple of times also. This is so bizarre.

    I was wondering if there was something on those websites which my Mac couldn't handle, so here's a list of some of those I can't access:

    http://hitcount.mrsite.co.uk/create/default.aspx (Mr Site - although the homepage works OK!)

    MSN messenger tries to load but can't &
    iTunes asks for password when trying to purchase but does nothing else.

    The "loading" sign comes up on the right of the browser but that's all.

    Any more ideas anyone? Could it be firewalls?
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    Yes, absolutely, the pages that do load, always load perfectly, and those pages that don't load, do not load at all. It seems like the Mac has made its mind up not to visit those sites any more.

    One thing has arisen out of all this, which may be important. When you say, 'turn of the Airport when I plug in the Ethernet... call me stupid (cough) but I did find out that my Ethernet cable has been plugged in all the time I've had my Mac. Over a year, actually. And the Airport has been on. Have I maybe destroyed something in my folly??

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    Try opening Window -> Activity when you access the site and take a look at what is trying (and failing) to load. There's likely to be some clue in that. You can wean a lot of information about the page from the Activity window.
  • Jay Bullock Level 4 (3,800 points)
    how do you create a new test user?

    Go to System Preferences -> Accounts. Create a new user. Log out of your current user (make sure you know your password!) and log in to the test user. See if the questionable pages load for this new user.

    And, to answer a question from above, no, having an ethernet cable plugged in at the same time your Airport is on will do no damage. However, it makes diagnosing a problem a little trickier, as it doubles the number of suspects.
  • iyacyas Level 4 (1,535 points)
    You have not hurt anything running Airport and Ethernet cable at the same time. I only suggested turning it of for troubleshooting so you can isolate the problem.

    If you're using a router then try plugging the Mac directly into the Cable/DSL Modem, by-passing the router. This will tell you if the router is the problem.
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    Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player:
    Use the uninstaller to remove the old copy:
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    I went on to the activity window but it just refers to the window I am seeing (i.e. the Apple Home page) . It doesn't acknowledge e.g. Genes Reunited. Hm.


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    OK, I tried this, but the same pages do not load for this other account either. Weird....
  • iyacyas Level 4 (1,535 points)
    Since you are saying that this only occurs with particular sites...

    Would you like to share the sites? Then maybe someone here on the board could test the sites on there Mac.
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    It is solved. And the culprit was the Router. On the Netgear site I went into WAN Settings and lowered the MTU to 4000. This fixed the whole thing.

    Big thanks to everyone who helped!
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    That's odd 'cause the auto setting is generally 1500. Changing to 1492 manually usually solves some issues. But hey what ever works.
  • Jay Bullock Level 4 (3,800 points)
    Glad it worked out for you!