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Hi - I need some advice please! I have an original iPhone 2G. For the past week I've had problems with making and receiving calls but mainly in my home only. Over Christmas I was at my parents' place with no problems at all. Now that I'm home again I can now actually make calls successfully, but all calls to me are going straight to voicemail despite plenty of battery and network reception. I'm with O2 who are saying that my only solution is to replace the handset but this doesn't make sense - how come it seems to be fine everywhere else in London?! I was hoping to wait until June to upgrade and really don't want to do it before then unless it's my only option. But I'm loath to fork out on a new handset if that's not the actual source of the problem... All advice welcome! Thanks.
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    Well can say, the original iPhone since it only uses Edge, the way Edge works is that when ANY data is being used, you cannot use the Cell service. For example, if your phone is checking email in the background when a call comes in, they will go to voice mail because your phone is using data connection. This was a limitation of Edge. (notice how new commercials talk about 3G and how on AT&T you can talk and browse at same time...this is not true for Edge).

    Now of course it shouldn't happen all the time but did want to bring that up. I would suggest doing a reboot (as maybe some app got stuck in memory and is using data).

    A reboot is holding BOTH the home and lock buttons.
    DO NOT let go when it says slide to turn off.
    KEEP holding when screen turns off.
    Let Go when you see the Apple Logo.
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    Thank you - I have tried a reboot... seems slightly improved by a Reset Network Settings... the mystery continues! Am hoping it was a dodgy O2 mast that has been fixed...?