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  • Mike Boreham Level 4 (2,095 points)
    The solution is already in this thread, posted by Scott Rose:

    BUSYCAL. Like it says, think of it as iCal Pro

    Many other good things but very iCal like, and no setting up at all.

    It is expensive ($49), but worth every penny to me. License allows one user to have on more than one mac.

    I have no connection to BusyCal and only found it through this thread after getting a 1920x1080 17 inch MBP last week.

    Thanks Scott.
  • Billish Level 1 (15 points)
    Nice, and looks exactly like iCal...but costs money. Personally, I'm not comfortable paying $40 just to remedy an obvious oversight that Apple will likely get around to fixing if enough people complain...

    Besides, Mozilla's Thunderbird/Lightning or their Sunbird programs are both free. Same guys who brought us Firefox....

    I consider your solution to be the best (if money is no object) because it looks exactly like iCal. Although it costs money.

    In second place is my Sunbird or Thunderbird suggestion.

    Third place is my magnification suggestion.

    Last place is Apple's silly advice to some to just worsen their screen resolution.
  • Lovenest Level 1 (0 points)
    New to Apple, and new to iMAC. How stupid is this; really....a great overall product but really senseless issue with font size - across the board when you're dealing with a 27" monitor. Paid to much to pay someone to fix something that is a "just do it" for Apple. With all great things, it only takes a few small glitches to make one look at options (again)..really people...
  • Artminibus Level 1 (0 points)
    You can zoom individual applications with the following Terminal command:

    defaults write AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.5

    This will scale just the iCal application, resulting in a more readible font. Unfortunately it will also the scale the menu bar, toolbar and other UI elements of iCal, so this is far from a great solution. You can play around with other magnifications (the above example is 1.5) to suit your monitor and eyesight.
  • Billish Level 1 (15 points)
    Yeah....that solution is posted a few times in the threads on here with regard to font size issues in different programs. I posted it in a different thread for a guy who can't read Microsoft Word.

    Don't forget to tell people how to change it back (e.g., go back to 1.0) obvious as it seems, there are a LOT of non-techies on here who wouldn't get that. :O)
  • Artminibus Level 1 (0 points)
    Good point. If you do this and everything looks wrong, you can restore by running the following command in Terminal:

    defaults write AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.0

    (For a better understanding of AppleDisplayScaleFactor and how it works, a Google of that would probably help a lot.)
  • Catgil Level 1 (0 points)
    It does amaze me that this simple complaint is at least 3 yrs old and Apple has not addressed it.

    I appreciate the suggestions I picked up on this list:

    -System Prefs> turn on Universal. zoom option. (command-option-8)

    -Mozilla's free Sunbird calendar
    or Thunderbird with the Lightning calendar extension

    -BusyCal ($49)

  • MarthaT Level 1 (0 points)
    I am joining the masses who are voting for increased font size in iCal.
    I used Now up to Date for years until the company went out of business. I loved the ability to change appearances and customize my printed calendars. I switched to iCal only when by HD crashed and I lost my NUTD files.
    I'm actually using Google Calendar because I like being able to access my calendar on any computer and like the security of knowing I won't lose all my data if I have another computer problem. I sync it into iCal just for printing, because Google Calendar looks great on the screen but has even fewer appearance tweaks for printing than ical.
    I'm of a certain age and peer from a distance at my calendar. I used to be able print the day of the month large enough to see, but it's now in tiny type. And even though I have the option of choosing "big" as my font size for events, it ain't that big.
    So, yes—add my voice to the clamor!
  • lisagarden Level 1 (0 points)
    Ical font size is too small. I have an 19" screen and some vision issues. I got the Mac and the screen for that reason. I purchased it in 2006 and hoped that by now they had adapted and created font size choice since choice of screen size has increased even more. It is slightly crazy as other calendars offer that option. It has been 5 years and no adjustments. (Same issue for Address book.)

    Can Apple please address this issue? Obviously I am not the only one and as the Baby Boomers continue to enter the market it would be a good business move.
  • CB-DC Level 1 (75 points)
    AGREED. It's actually fine on my iPhone and my iPad2 and I can read it on my ACD. It's on my MBA that I really have a problem. And when I hit the <command> + key, nothing changes. (Same thing with iTunes Store now that I think of it.)
  • mapSF Level 1 (0 points)
    does anyone at apple read these posts and do something about is absolutely ridiculous that the font size is such an issue that can only be minimally helped by adjusting the resolution which takes directly away from the size of the 27 inch screen.
    when will a meaningful fix be available?
  • nnhoffman Level 1 (0 points)
    I have been complaining about font size since no avail.
  • CB-DC Level 1 (75 points)
    Only way to insure someone might look is to post comments to and select iCal.

    I'd actually settle for the right to have the calendar have black typeface white background, rather than the blue on blue, green on green etc. I've increased contrast on my computer etc. It's legible, but minimally. I'm about to upgrade to the new iCal app (so I can retain syncing with my iPhone and iPad2 - but that means I give up Entourage with it's better legibility).

    Please everyone - post feedback. I did about a year ago. Perhaps it's time again.
  • Thomas Pohlman Level 1 (20 points)
    OK, I'm signing this online petition to Apple, too. I am a long-time Apple user, but flexibility for the user used to be how Apple stuff worked! Please give us prefs for font size on this and all Apple programs! Don't let all these new iPod/iPad users switching from Windows be disappointed--Apple, show 'em your stuff!
  • davidfrombrampton Level 1 (0 points)

    I am SO frustrated that I cannot adjust the font size in iCal.  I've got this massive 27 inch iMac, and tinsy winsy fonts and dates.  Bloody insane!

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