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Random2009x Level 1 Level 1
Okay, so i just got my iPod touch about 3 days ago. The apps aren't working they open for a second like quite a few peoples then it goes back to the home screen again.

I think it might be because i haven't got the most recent update (3.1.2)but when I go to update the new software it says it is going to take 11 hours to update it. I've started it and it has gone to 10 hours now but i really can't keep my laptop on for that long because my laptop will probably just shut itself down.

Did it take this long for anybody else?

Should it take this long?

Acer, Windows Vista
  • iNexxFear Level 2 Level 2
    The problem you are having is based on your download connection from the apple site.

    Additionally during the past few days, alot of people have been requesting the firmware update from the apple servers.

    Are you still having this issue today, and what is your internet connection type at the moment.

    As for the app shut down, have you tried hard cycling the power on the ipod touch? Some apps request that you restart the device using the hard power cycle (power hold for 10 seconds, swipe the red bar, and then hold it until you see the apple logo... Sometimes there are a few times where app installs consume alot of extra space and by doing a cycle it will help with the not able to use the software issue you are having.

    As for the update, please do post back your connection type so we can help more!
  • Random2009x Level 1 Level 1
    It is still taking a long time (7 hours) but not as long as yesterday. My internet connection appears to be fine, Apple + Itunes load perfectly fine and everything seems to be running.

    My apps still don't work and I have done what you suggested.
  • iNexxFear Level 2 Level 2
    This is a very strange issue... I've seen a few others on here that have issues with getting thier apps to open on thier devices.

    I don't know the cause, or solution... Unfortunatley this is all that I can offer at the moment, I would also ask if this device is made for your area, and not imported from somewhere else. That could have another impact onto the syncronization & play issue.
  • naq59 Level 1 Level 1
    Here´s the solution I found another member had kindly provided a while back, it works but you might have to click on the cross in the iTunes window to stop the backup after having unclicked Sync Apps so that they are quickly removed from the ipod. In my case it was the World News app update which I downloaded Wifi which caused the trouble. The culprit app will probably take longer to be removed but afterwards everything´s OK again.