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Hello All,

I just got an iPhone 3gs and I’m trying to setup my work email. I entered all the correct information for the Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server, but I’m receiving an error message that reads “cannot connect using SSL – do you want to try setting up the account w/o SSL”. I select yes, and then receive an error message that reads “SMTP Account verification failed – the SMTP server “mercury.abpi.net” doesn’t support authentication. Please check your account settings and try again.”

I’m not able to access any of the “advanced settings” – so I can’t set the ‘use SSL’ to off or set ‘authentication’ to ‘password’.

Can anyone offer any insight?!

Thank you!

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Has your work's email servers been setup to allow ActiveSync to allow iPhones?
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    I think so...there are a number of iPhone users with the company. If asked our Technology Director for help, and he responded with: "click the 'SMTP' bubble under 'outgoing mail server', then 'mercury.abpi.net', and make sure 'use SSL' is off and 'authentication' is set to 'password'".

    I'm pretty sure the settings above are located in the "advacned settings", and I'm unable to access that section w/o establishing the account first, right?