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I just bought a used iPod touch. The first day put applications on it, and everything worked fine, then suddenly some of the applications would open log enough to see the title screen, then it would go back home. I restored the iPod to the factory settings, re-installed the apps, and everything worked fine for a little over a day, then the same thing happened. I don't have any windows open in safari, and I still have almost half of my memory left.

HP Pavilion, Windows Vista
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    Exactly the same thing has happened to us. My son got an i-touch for Christmas and his apps worked yesterday but now it reverts to the APPS screen after a one second view of each app's title page. What can we do?
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    We had the same issue after the latest update..2 days after recieving the ipod for Christmas. Maybe the update is the issue?
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    I have the same problem as well with an itouch that I purchased for my niece. The first one I bought, the apps never worked after I downloaded and some songs wouldn't play either. So last Monday I exchanged it and got a new one. The apps worked on this one along with the music until she unwrapped it Christmas morning (about 4 days). Now the app will flash up then quickly return to the home screen. I also received a touch for Christmas and put the apps on mine and so far am NOT having that problem, so I don't think it's a computer problem. I scheduled a support call with apple but it will be January 4th before they can get to me! If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Have the EXACT SAME issue. Downloaded three apps and none of them will open properly.

    Thought Apple products worked flawlessly...Not so much!!!