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I bought the iTouch because I had somehow heard that it had web access through WiFi. I assumed (probably stupidly) that if I could access the web, I could Instant Message. (we can't afford a cell phone contract and instant message via a web page would be one way I could contact my husband when I am out on the road....or so I thought)

So I've discovered that I can indeed go to Google or Yahoo, but their chat windows (unlike when I normally visit their web sites) don't seem to be there when I am on my iPod Touch.

That's a problem. Now, I see that there are apps out there for this, like Palringo, MobileChat and Beejive. Two questions:
1) which one is best, and
2) since I am so new at having a mobile device....I wonder....can I HARM my iPod Touch if I download an app that isn't any good? I would hate to bring trouble to my brand new and very lovely iPod Touch!!

Thanks for any advice on how I can "chat" with my husband via WiFi on the iPod Touch. (btw, he does not have one....he would be on a computer, usually on Google chat)


Gateway PC...ugh!, Windows XP, I prefer Macs but mine are too old to do much any more. Can't afford a new one.
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    1) You can look at the feedback on the app pages.

    2) Apple does screen apps. If you do have trouble you can remove the app.
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    Thanks for your quick answer. I am afraid I am not very technical...what do you mean by "Apple does screen apps"?

    Are you saying that if the program is harmful or badly written or whatever, Apple will screen it out and not permit it to be put on the phone?

    And do you think it is (technically speaking) possible for me to harm my iPod Touch by downloading a wrong program? (You can tell I am afraid of making a mistake, here....I could barely afford to buy this thing, never mind replacing it should something malfunction)

    Thank you for your patience with my newbie questions!
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    yes, pretty much: apple don't release apps into the app store without a certain amount of screening - i'm not exactly sure what their tests look for, but i would assume there is at least some basic testing to ensure that an app won't completely mess up the ipod.

    you can't get apps from anywhere but the app store - so they are all 'legit' - nothing you download should 'harm' your ipod

    you can't download a wrong program either - some apps are for the iphone only, there are hardware differences which won't allow them to work on the ipod touch - but in my experience, if you try to download one of these it won't let you. itunes knows that you have an ipod touch.

    things do go wrong with ipod touches, but this shouldn't be because of things you have downloaded to it - that is what these apple help pages are for. anything we can't suggest a solution to, will need taking/sending to apple - all apple products come with a year's warranty - so as long as damage isn't obviously caused by everyday wear an tear, and it is still within warranty, they will repair it or give you a replacement.

    the only great 'harm' you can do when downloading apps is to your bank account. a lot of apps have 'lite' versions that you can try out for free, which i always recommend.
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    That's so helpful! I didn't even know they were available in the App Store. When I am at home (which is when I am usually able to have peace & quiet to examine my iPod), I don't have access to WiFi (or the App Store). So it's been slow going to say the least. Stolen moments at coffee shops.

    Thank you very much!!
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    you don't need to download them on your ipod. you can access the app store via the itunes store on your computer.

    btw. have you read the manual? (sounds ridiculous, but a lot of people aren't aware it even exists) http://support.apple.com/manuals/
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    I like palringo because it seems to use less ram memory when it is running: even less that just running AIM by itself. Also, you can send voice with palringo but I'm guessing you'd need a headset with a microphone for that. You can also use palringo to send an IM as a text message to a cell phone user by establishing that cell phone as an AIM contact and then signing into AIM with palringo.
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    If you wanted a device that has a lot of features then you made a good choice of getting the Ipod touch. I was on the same situation, I didn't have the money to throw on At&t contract for an Iphone, so I decided to buy the similar device the Ipod touch. If you wanna have messengers to be able to chat on the Ipod touch, there are tons of apps for that on the apple store for applications. There are a lot of applications that provides messengers(like google talk, yahoo and msn) for the Ipod touch like meebo, ebuddy and Nimbuzz. If you are sure of a decision before you purchase any application make sure to download the lite/free versions before you buy them. That way, you try and if you don't like them delete it( and plus you didn't wasted any money on them).