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I've Had my ipod touch 3g for about 6 days now. Everything was going well but after i synced my ipod touch, my screen just stop respond. I've tried restoring it many times and its just fail. What should i do? Could i go to the Apple store and get a new one?

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    Hi iKanji,

    Is the screen stuck at a sync prompt? As I've had this happen with my iPhone many times in the past.... It's a strange predicament that you can get into and I don't now the cause...

    At times I try to connect and disconnect my device from the dock connector until the device's OS realizes that one of the jobs are stuck and it reboots that prompt. Then all is fine.

    Again this issue was with my iPhone and it was a lot worse before the 3.1.2 update. It happens very rarely now, and does come back to life once the OS of the device realizes that this is occuring. Until then, the screen and power buttons are totally useless..

    Very frustrating, but this is the only solution I've seen work for me.

    Good luck and let me know if this helps.
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    Also I found a KB article that might give some other suggestions... Read that here:

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    No After that time i synced it into itunes, the screen just doesn't work. Basically i can do almost about anything it just the screen doesn't respond which is ******* me off.
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    HAve you tried connecting it to iTunes and disconnecting it multiple times?

    In my experience, if you can sync the device it is still operational... And the multiple time connect/disconnect will sometimes cause the ipod/iphones OS to recognize the hung service and restart it so its operational.

    Additionally if that doesn't solve it, but it will sync you can always try doing a restore, that should cause the device to respond.

    Also some times if you press the home button, or what not a few different times with the power and other buttons you can get it to wake up as well.
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    Yes i have done that many times doesn't work.

    Did many restores still doesn't work

    Tired the home thing, but it doesn't work

    Do you think if i go to the apple store they will give me a new one?
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    I bet if you scheduled a appointmetn, they will make it right for you... However if the battery dies before then due to lack of input and power failure it might indeed reset and just need a recharge.

    So I'd schedule it early before that happens or keep it charged up and worry about screen issues after.
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    Do you mean set up an appointment at the Genius Bar? If thats what you mean i plan to go on Wednesday or Thursday