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I get an Error 30886 when trying to install an HP Laserjet printer on a network printserver. Other computers on the network are able to print to the printer and the eMac, which the new iMac replaces, was also able to print to it.

ADD Printer - Default

When I click '+' to Add the printer, the name of the LPT printer (Laserjet) on the printserver aappears as does an unused USB port(also on the printserver) and the HP Photosmart C4700 series (not on the printserver). All three show up as (Kind) Bonjour. This is under the Default option

When I click Laserjet in the list, I see the message "Gathering printer information..." then I'm prompted to Choose a Driver or Printer Model. I choose HP Laserjet 5MP, Click Add, and then get the error message "An error occurred while trying to add the selecteed printer. Error -30886."

The printserver is a Zonet ZPS2112.

I use static IP addresses:
Zonet Printserver
HP Laserjet 5MP (9100)
HP Photosmark 4780 192,168.1.105

BTW I print to the HP Photosmart C4780 via a wireless connection.

Add Printer - Windows

When I try the (Add Printer) Windows option, I see my workgroup (pets), click it and see three devices (my desktop system (Windows 7), the hometroller (XP), and the printserver), but when I click printserver I do not see the (LPT) Laserjet or (USB) U2 printers on the printserver. (Clicking the hometroller I am prompted to log in.)

Add Printer - IP

Finally, if I try the (Add Printer) IP option, Internet Printing Protocol - IPP, and use 102,168.1.106:9100 for the address I get
Connecting to printer...
Network host '' is busy, will retry in 15 seconds...
and the system repeated retries without success.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)