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Today I noticed that my iPhone 3GS will not charge the battery. Everything about the phone works perfectly. It syncs with my computer, but it will not charge either through my PC or a wall adapter, all using independent cables. Everything has been working just fine until I guess it decided to not charge anymore.

When I connect, it makes the chirp and displays the charging icon. But the battery just goes down.

I've tried turning it off, resetting it, and restoring the phone. Nothing is helping. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it because taking it to an Apple store isn't an option (I'm in Arkansas) and sending it off will have me without a phone for too long.

3GS, Windows 7
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    If this is hardware related and it sounds like it is - if no change after the standard troubleshooting steps - powering your iPhone off and on, an iPhone reset, restoring from your iPhone's backup and as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup, you can call AppleCare or make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one nearby.

    Unless this has changed when calling AppleCare, if AppleCare determines that your iPhone needs to be exchanged under warranty, AppleCare will ship the exchange to you. You will use the same box to return the iPhone to be exchanged with the return shipping label located below the shipping label to you. AppleCare includes tape to reseal the box and a small paperclip to remove the SIM card from your iPhone. A phone number for the shipping carrier is included to call when the box is ready to be picked up. AppleCare will require a credit card in case the iPhone to be exchanged is not returned.
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    Thanks for this advice. I'll try to use the remaining battery life I have to call Apple and hope they can set this up.
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    did u try resetting (holding the power and off button for 20 seconds after the red off slide appears until the white apple appears?
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    I have tried that, yes.

    I called AppleCare yesterday. I'm still in a one-year warranty, but they were incredibly unhelpful to the point that I am very frustrated with Apple right now. Because my phone is doing everything else fine and hasn't "failed" on me, the guy would not believe me. He says that since it's chirping and showing the charging symbol, that it is charging.

    My phone finally died yesterday and just sat on the screen saying it needed to be plugged in. I get up this morning and somehow it's letting it turn on for a bit, but it's at 5% and going down fast.

    My options were to send my phone off for them to look at, or they can cross-ship me a phone but oh, they'll charge me $500 to keep the cross-shipped phone if they determine my current one is fine. That's not a gamble I can take when the guy on the phone can't seem to understand that my battery isn't charging.

    I'm so incredibly frustrated with Apple right now.
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    so if i understand u it charged while at the genius bar and not at home...
    it sounds like you have done everything except a restore as new iphone and then resync your content... if that don't work then maybe your sync cable is shot...or the charger is shot...
    in any event if it is out of juice now take it back to the genius bar and then they can see it is not charging and you will get a replacement...if it charges there then it is your cable/or charging module.