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I am looking for a way to encrypt files on both Snow Leopard and Windows XP/Vista/7 that can be decrypted by either. I am familiar with PGP but I don't like that it doesn't use the Keychain and have heard some horror stories about it.

I am assuming I can first compress a folder and then encrypt it, so that is not a problem.

PDF encryption would be handy, but it is unfortunately very weak (err... WHY?)

Odd to me you cannot right click on a file in SL and encrypt it, what with encrypted disk images and FileVault.


iMac, UMBP, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    P.S. Public/Private Key encryption, complete with the ability to encrypt a file for multiple readers, is also very attractive. PGP is the only show in town I am aware of.
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    If you want an encrypted filesystem (e.g. an external disk drive in which you intend to store encrypted files but wish to be able to use this filesystem on either Mac or Windows (or Linux... etc.) you could use TrueCrypt (truecrypt.org) -- but this is whole filesystem encryption, not just individual files.

    The 'zip' utility (open a Terminal window and type 'man zip' to see the manual pages for the utility) supports an -encrypt option (which accepts a password used to encrypt the files as they are stored -- though I do not know which encryption algorithm is used nor how strong/reliable it may be). But I'm fairly confident Windows versions of Zip also support the encryption option. The downside is that you'd have to invoke this option by using the command-line utility to create the archive. There's no GUI support for creating a zip archive which is also encrypted.
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    Ideally, I want cross platform (PC/Mac) RSA Private/Public Key file encryption.
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    I would like to be able to encrypt files on a Mac, copy the encrypted files to USB drive and then open (decrypt) the files on a PC running XP. Is this possible? There are loads of articles on YouTube etc that tell you how to encrypt a file so that it can be decrypted by another Mac, but not cross platform.
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    Did you read this thread before posting on it?

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    Re: encryption
    Posted: Mar 19, 2010 5:14 AM in response to: ralphb
    Reply Email

    You can encrypt a file by selecting;select file, open, file, print, pdf, save as pdf ,security options, OK enter title.
    There is a posting on the net that claims that the PW can be cracked by brute force because the algorhythm is weak.There is additional info that says that apple may have addressed this issue with a patch.I would very much like to hear what others who have expertise in this area think.
    I got interested in this because i was looking for a secure way to have access to important data like credit card nos etc while i am overseas.clearly sending an email to myself as some suggest is unacceptable.If one can securely encrypt a PDF with the sensitive data, one could keep it on A USB stick or transfer to an ipod using air sharing.
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    KeePass finally has Mac OS X version.

    I was using it on Vista/7 and started using it on OS X.

    I like it for storing sensitive data, and that along with better DEP and ALSR, and ability to generate strong passwords, but nothing is immune from brute force (even DRAM can be read).

    Even GPUs can be used as GPGPU for number crunching and encryption duties.