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This morning, I tried ejecting a DVD, but it would only make the sounds like it was about to eject, then started running the disk again, after a little while, I was able to eject it, but then, when I put another disk in, not only would my computer not read it, the disk wasn't spinning at all. I tried ejecting it with the eject button, going to disk utilities and pressing eject, and restarting the computer and holding down the mouse button while it was booting up, but none of them worked. Should I just bring it into the mac store?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi almostnearlyevil and welcome to Apple Discussions!

    While you might be able to eventually eject the disk that is in the computer now, I would be reluctant to trust the optical drive to function properly in the future. I would say you should definitely get this repaired. It may be just that the optical drive is misaligned with the slot, or the drive may need to be replaced.

    You can carry it in to an Apple retail store (be sure to [make an appointment|http://www.apple.com/retail> first or you may spend a long time waiting to talk to a Mac Genius) or call Apple (800-275-2273 in the USA - they are open today) and arrange a repair.

    Best of luck.