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Hello, all. I have Microsoft 2004. When I create documents on my Mac and open it on PC with Microsoft, some alignments such as space between the words become off. It looked totally fine on Mac... Then when I correct them on PC and bring it back to my Mac, they are off. Does anyone knows what causes this problem and how I can prevent from happening it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The problem may be related to the exact versions on each side. The mac you said 2004. I am assuming you mean Office for Mac 2004? What version are you running on the PC? Does this happen with just a basic document? IE just some text on the page? Is it possible that someone changed the settings on one side or the other on the blank page template?

    Hope this helps others narrow down. I am by no means an office expert.

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    This forum is for troubleshooting Apple Software Update for Windows, a software package for Windows designed to update Apple products that run on Windows, and not related to Microsoft Office. Please post Office related questions on Microsoft's own forums for their Mac products.

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    Thank you for the link. I did not know there is an official site for these issues.