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Hi, i have an Ipod touch 3rd gen, 32GB. and i randomly get the "charging is not supported with this accessory". i get it at the lock screen randomly, and while im using my ipod. I do not use any special accessory to charge my Ipod, i use the wire that came with it. im fairly confused by it, it says it when its plugged into the charge, and when its not plugged into the charger. the other night i even did a factory restore to try to fix it, it went the rest of that night and i started getting it again in the morning.

and like i said it does it at random, some times ill go a few hours with out seeing it once, and other times ill get it 30 times in 3minutes.

SystemMax, Windows XP, Ipod Touch 3rd gen. 32GB
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    You never stated what charger you plug the cord into. I can only assume you plug it into a USB port connected to the computer. I suspect your USB port cannot supply enough power.

    Are you using a USB hub or the USB port on the keyboard? If so, those cannot supply enough power.

    Try plugging into a USB port on the front or back of the computer. If so, and the problem persists, then try another port or a different computer.
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    it doesn't have to even be chargeing in order for me to get that message, that is why this baffles me so much, on my google search and apple forum search i always see this problem paired up with an accessory or while it is charging, but so for only mine happens when nothing is attached to it. and i have tried 3 different USB ports on my computer, 2 in the front and 1 in the back.

    And also i have it plugged into the front of my computer and you where correct with your assumption i do use the USB power cord.
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    Soeny wrote:
    it doesn't have to even be chargeing in order for me to get that message...

    If it happens while connected to nothing, just take it back to Apple for warranty service!
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    brought it to apple store and must say i feel kinda dumb for not thinking of this myself. There was dust and crap in the charging area and it was making a connection so the ipod thought it was charging.