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Is it possible to set up a Mac Mini Server with Raid 1 using only another mac computer such as a mac book?

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Yes- Colin Jeukens posted step by step instructions back a couple of months ago. Here it is again...

    Out of the box the mini comes without Raid. You have two identical HDs of 500Gb.

    I have just set it up as Raid1. You can't do this when you use the startup disk from the mini. And as you don't have a Superdrive ... you need to be creative. You need another Mac with Firewire.

    Step 1: Start the Mini in Target Mode. Press the T during start. In a few seconds the firewire logo will appear on your screen.
    Step 2: Go to your second Mac. Connect the firewire cable between second Mac and Mini.
    Step 3: On the second Mac start the disc utility. The two identical drives on your mini will show. Create a new Raid set (mirrored = Raid 1). Include both drives. Confirm the warning that all data on the mini will be lost.
    Step 4: Make sure your second Mac has CD/ DVD sharing option installed. This is tou use the superdrive to install OS X Server on the mini.
    Step 5: Shutdown both Macs
    Step 6: Start your second Mac in target mode. Make sure the firewire cable is still connected.
    Step 7: Start the Mini with the option key pressed.
    Step 8: Insert the OS X Server install disc in your second Mac.
    Step 9: wait till the drive logo apears om the Mini. Continue the install. Will take about an hour.

    Here is a link to the original post...
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    Thank you, just to confirm I would need an extra keyboard and monitor for the mac mini to make this work, correct?
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    Hi- yes, for just this procedure, you will need a keyboard and display of some sort. After the initial setup, you can turn on screen sharing on the mini server, and then you will not need a keyboard and display for it again.
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    To be clear, you are making the boot volume of the Mini Server RAID 1, yes?

    If one disk fails will the Mini automatically boot from the remaining disk?

    I thought there were issues with having a software RAIDed boot volume but maybe I'm misremembering...? (or maybe that's only with the non-server OS...?)