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kinnla Level 1 (0 points)
I am from Berlin, Germany. If I want to log in to the German iTunes Store, it says that I am not allowed. It seems I am only allowed to use the Chinese iTunes store.

The historical reason is, that I first used my MacBook in China (I lived there as expat) and logged in to iTunes store from a Chinese IP address.

When I browsed this forum, I saw a lot of legal discussions, that you should not use a store from another than your country. But this is not the case for me, as I am a German, and I am in Germany, and I can NOT access the German iTunes store.

How can I change my iTunes store account, that I can use the German iTunes store?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Diane Wordsmith Level 5 (6,000 points)
    You'll need to update your account with a valid credit card billed to an address in Germany. And when you go to the store, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on flag icon at the lower right. I'm assuming it's currently set to the Chinese store. Change it to the German store. I'm not sure if there's a lag time after changing your credit card info.
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    thx for the reply, Diane!
    Recently, I ordered a photo calendar and already changed the credit card, billing- and shipping address of my apple ID to Germany.

    I tried the following to access German iTunes Store:
    1. open the German iTunes store
    2. press "sign in"
    3. enter my apple ID and password
    4. Now a popup comes, telling me my billing information was changed outside of iTunes. I can only press one button (chinese already, I guess it is 'OK')
    5. Now I am logged in (can see my username on the top right corner). It is still the Germand store site. On the top there is the status "accessing iTunes"
    6. After about 5s, the site "Edit Payment Information" appears. It says: "There were errors or omissions in the information. Please correct the indicated items." And then printed in red: "Your account information has changed. Please review your billing information and approve it for use in the iTunes Store. If you cancel, you will not be able to buy music until you have approved your billing information." It shows my German address in Berlin correctly, but country is fixed to China. So no way to change it here.

    In fact, this is where I hang. I tried the following:
    7. Press the right button of the lower two ones. It is Chinese languge again, I guess it is 'continue'.
    8. Now it is printed in red: "The <chinese word> must be a 6-digit number". This is related to my postal code. Postcodes are 5 digits in Germany, in China they are 6.
    Then I gave up.

    Now, after writing these lines, I tried again and found a way:
    1. In the iTunes menu, press Store -> View my Account
    2. Now it shows my account info, still in Chinese, and I am able to change my country.
    3. Change country to Germany.
    4. Language changes to German, I need to confirm the AGB
    5. Now I can access the German store.

    So again, thanks for your hints, Diane! It led me to the solution.
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    I am German in the German iTunes store, but - like a lot of people - I would like to buy from time to time apps or music in other country stores which are not offered in the German store. Obviously it is not a legal problem, while I can by media in other plattforms from foreign countries. Could you please allow to buy in other stores?

    I know there are people who faking other country accounts to get their apps from the US or other countries, but at least they have the problem, that only apps from one (country) account can appear the same time on they iPhone. I would like to buy, use and sync apps and other media from the hole range of products in all countries in one account. Is this possible? What might be the problem with it?
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    I'm sorta in the same boat... I'm from Canada but I want to purchase an album from the Japan store but I can't because I can only purchase what's listed in the Canadian store which won't have the album listed. Open up the borders Apple.
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    Hi Diane,

    I am trying to change my country from US to Singapore for iTunes. But my US account has a balance of USD 0.20 which is not letting me change the country. There is nothing I can buy for this amount. I am ready to let go this amount.

    How do I change the country in this case?

    Appreciate any help on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Kinnla,
    I tried doing the same as you, but it didn't work for me! Any tips?
  • aurora07 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am an expat living in Japan and I have the same problem. I can only access the Japanese iTunes store which has no interesting movies or TV shows at all.
    I can hardly believe that Apple doesn't allow cross border sales, especially in times of globalization. Shame on you !

    PS: Schoene Gruesse nach Deutschland !
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    Hi Rajiv,

    I have exactly the same problem with my remaining USD 30cent - did you find a way to switch country? Does anyone have a recommendation?

    Sending best regards!
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    Hi I wanna know if you can buy an album from the germany store and I can buy something from the US store?
    My email is lalberto_mald@yahoo.com

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    same here. As a German expat living in Amsterdam I would like to buy audio books from the German store. Very annoying that apple can't organize their shops in a way that orders like that are possible.


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    Same here. Norwegian expat in the UK. I can only use UK store, which means that I am missing out on apps from my home country. Among other things my Norwegian bank has a great app that I cannot use for this reason.