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Hi is there anyone out there that is having trouble with syncing there ipod touch with there home computer and receiving there email as well.
But are able to go on the wifi outside of thier home in public domains and only able to partially receive there email accounts.I am having an awful hard time with this especially after I took the last update had nothing but problems with this since. Always gives me an invalid arguement and the connection failed.

HP Slimline s3200n PC
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    Hi, I read in another thread that you should try deleting all of your email account details in the prefs and start again.
    I"ve got a few mail issues too with my Touch, but I"m not sure that it IS possible to sync over WiFi. I can surf & receive email, but I can no longer send it. I"ve only been able to Sync my iPod when hard wired . . . . .
    As WiFi I can a link through any networks I have access to now, just can"t send anything. Think it might be ISP/OSX issues. G5 has suffered before . . .

    hope this works anyway.