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"Your remaining store credit is insufficient to complete this purchase. If you enter your payment information and retry your purchase, your store credit balance will be applied to it. Please enter your Apple ID and password and click Billing Info to supply your payment information."

This popped up for about the last 50 times i tried to purchase Inglourious Basterds! It says in the top right hand corner of iTunes that I have $15.00 remaining as store credit, so i dont understand why i wouldnt be able to purchase the $14.99 movie (unless there's tax or something, but i dont think so?)

And when I DO edit my billing info to enter my debit card info, it either says i put in an "incorrect security code" or it'll go back to the movie page, but when i click "buy movie", the same thing happens again with the whole "insufficient remaining store credit" deal.

I'm getting aggravated, anyone else having these problems?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)