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This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I lost my iPod and just got a new one. I connected it to my computer only to discover that there is NO MUSIC or any of my other files in iTunes!

After spending the past two hours trying to figure out what happened, I've discovered that iTunes has created a new set of library files (such as iTunes Library.itl) on my c drive but all of my iTunes files are located on a network drive (which I have mapped as the m drive). iTunes won't read those files, even when I delete the new (wrong) ones it just created on my c drive. FYI, I'm using Windows 7.

Without question, iTunes is one of the most aggravating programs around. Any ideas on how to get my music back so I can use my new iPod??

Windows 7
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    Is there an iTunes Library.itl file on your M: drive?
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    Hi Katrina, yes, my iTunes Library.itl file is on my M: drive and I just found a solution (by doing a lot more searching). iTunes kept creating new library files on my C: drive but refused to read the correct one (Why? I don't have a clue). Anyway, I just found that I could force iTunes to read the correct iTunes Library.itl file by:

    PRESSING AND HOLDING the shift key when opening iTunes. That opens a window that asks if you want to create a new library or open an existing one. In my case, I opened and existing one. That solved the problem!
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    I answered to your other post:

    Sounds like the network drive wasn't "there" when you started itunes. So instead of giving you a message about that, it is designed (why I don't know) to make a new blank library (and freak you out).

    You should only have to do that shift-start once. iTunes always uses the last library ITL file it had open,until you do another shift-start. Or until it can't fine the previous ITL file, at which point it goes back to its hard-coded default location.

    Windows 7 has some power-down options for exHDs you might want to check on.
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    Thanks, Katrina,

    Yeah, I was freaked out (and not a happy camper) after my music disappeared - it's pretty stupid for Apple to not include a warning that they were going to create a new library for me. Just the same, I've got my music back so now I'm happy again

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    You're welcome, and thanks for the points.