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My brother in law has an IPhone but no PC.

I do his Itunes stuff for him.

He upgraded it this week from original software and the process backed up literally thousands of photos to my PC.

Question, how do we reload them back to his IPhone from my PC?

and where are they located on my PC?

Windows XP
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    1. Open up iTunes with the iPhone plugged in.
    2. Click the iPhone in the sidebar and then go to the Photo tab.
    3. Find the folder where the pictures are located. The default location that pictures are saved would be "C:\Users\accountname\Pictures" in Windows or /Users/accountname/Pictures on a Mac
    4. Click the checkbox next to "Sync Photos from" and Choose the folder that contains the pictures.
    5. Click "Apply" and iTunes should automatically start syncing your pictures from that folder to your iPhone.
  • bill wilson1 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    still can't find photos, what is extension for Iphone photos? tks for help though, am close
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    What it did when you updated the iphone software is that it created a backup within iTunes. You can see it if you go to Edit>Preferences and then click the Devices tab. On a mac go to iTunes>Preferences and Devices tab. It will show the iphone name and date of the backup.

    So what you want to do is right click on the device name on the left of iTunes and choose "restore from backup". Then choose the file showing on the date of when you guys updated the iphone software. This will then add the information from the backup including photos that were taken with the iphone (not ones that were synced from a computer) and put those back on it.

    For more info follow this articles and will show you what I just explained and also where the backups are located depending on the computer and OS that you have.


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    Big tks Taylor, still stumped but getting closer. Can you tell me the extension of the Iphone photos on my system. Think I can find them faster that way. All the photos are cleverly hidden still.

    tks again

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    They are in file on the computer that can be seen but i dont think you can access the information inside the file itself. The information is in this article.


    or here

    On a Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

    On Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

    On Windows Vista: \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
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    Problem when I got application Data/I dont see Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

    I see Microsoft Folder/Crypturlcache and then folder with Internet Explorer (which I dont even use.

    You can see my frustration

    I use XP Serv P3 with Firefox.
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    Make sure that "show hidden files and folder" is selected under Tools>Folder Options> and View tab.
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    Yep, did that before, one thing, do I need the Iphone attached to Itunes to do this?


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    No these files could be accessed with your iphone disconnected at any time. As long as the folders and files exist on the computer then you would be able to access them.
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    When you find the backup file, you won't be able to do anything with it, it's a SQLite database file & unless you have special skills and software, there's nothing you'll be able to extract from it, if that's what you were thinking of doing. The only program I'm aware of that can extract from that file is a Mac only program:

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    Ataylor, Wosten:

    Finally went to Apple Store, tech said The backed up photos basically aren't meant to be restored back to I phone. My brother in law was using his Iphone as a storage center for 2500 photos. In fact, trying to force the restore, botched up a number of photos to ghost images on the I phone. He said photos are in a .png file format. I will try link out that Ataylor sent that will remove the backed up files. Still perplexing why I can't find the file on its own.

    Tks again for great help so far.

    Bill W