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I am using a MacBookPro 3.1 with OS10.5.8. I inserted a CD that is not being recognized. I can feel the reader turning but no icon appears on the desktop. I have tried all of the "help" solutions. This particular model does not appear to have a manual eject, but only the eject button on the top row of buttons. Short of taking it to the Apple store for repair, I am not sure what to do next. Would appreciate any help!

PowerBookG4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I am not saying anything as to why the disk icon does not appear, only the ejection. First thing is that you are posting in the forum for the MacPro, the hefty tower machine. I will take it you do have a MacBookPro, the laptop. Neither have a manual eject button except that the tower has an eject hole but it can only be got at if you partially remove the drive. The usual emergency ejction device for the laptop is to close down holding the trackpad button down. I must say I haven't had that work, but others have.
    Another method is to use the Terminal command <drutil tray eject> (without the chevrons). If you type <man drutil) at the Terminal command prompt you will get the story on the generality of the command, including the variation to eject a disk.