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I just recently purchased an HD camcorder and am having trouble playing an MP4 file in Quicktime. Windows Media player wont play the format at all and while I have no problem using Quicktime (I actually like the player better) the playback is 'choppy' and 'jerky'. I have no problem with audio only the video.....and while the picture is sharp and clear, it almost appears to 'skip' if that makes any sense. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated......I want to enjoy my camera. Thanks!!!

Windows Vista
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    Hi Mr Brooks,
    Have you had this issue solved? I'm experiencing the same problem with large mp4 files. My workaround for the moment is to switch to vlc player to have a video play with fluidity.
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    Any answers yet? I'm trying to take music video lessons and everytime Quicktime stalls I get all messed up!
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    I have used quicktime for mp4 play and some mov for about a year. I use mp4 to make large vid files more managable by my system. I prefer wmv when the files are smaller, I think I just trust wmv more for some reason. I never saw a problem with mp4 play on my QT until I recently bought a FlipUltraHD and pulled the mp4s off that. Raw form they would play choppy on the QT player. However, if I render the same file through my Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 editing software it plays fine on QT, I can even render it to wmv if I wanna be safe. Really, I feel wmv is 1% crisper, anybody feel the same? So remember, try rendering it through a good program and then playing it on QT again to see if it chops.

    Alex Grim