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I have a Bootcamp partition with an XP install. I have also imaged the partition as a .DMG via Disk Utility. I would like to convert one of those to a full virtual disk (.hdd) to be used in Parallels. I know I can "access" the Bootcamp partition in parallels and that it will appear as an virtual disk, but that is not what I want to do. I want to fully convert the .DMG or Bootcamp partition into a standalone .hdd virtual disk.

From what I understand, VMware Fusion provides an option to convert a bootcamp install into a VMware vmdk file. If this is the case, and Parallels cannot, I made the wrong purchase!

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    Parallels is able to use a Boot Camp partition with Windows as a VM on its own. You don't have to convert anything. It might help if you read the documentation for the product before trying to use it.

    In the future if you have a question about Parallels you should post it at the Parallels' forums. The Apple Discussions are for Apple products. If your question is about Windows or Boot Camp on the Mac, then there are two dedicated forums for each, and you should post in those forums.
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    Kappy... did you just tell me to RTFM? Awww come on man! I been on these forums for a long time. I even remember you from back in the day. Well, mostly back in the day of the Power PC. I know the place to post when I need an answer. And this is it! I just got another Mac for X-mas after a long PC only hiatus, and I am trying to get back in the swing of things. So don't bust my chops too bad...

    Anyway it's tough to read the manual (which is IN THE BOX) before you buy the product! That said, the box itself does explicitly state that you can "Migrate a Bootcamp Partition to a Virtual Machine." What does that sound like you YOU? Only, I can't figure out a way to get it done. And I'm starting to think that "Migrate" does not mean convert, which is deceptive to say the least (if its true.)

    Anyway, thanks for the info and... take it easy on the new guy!
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    Well, I disagree. The question is about Parallels, not OS X.

    Install Parallels. It will discover your Boot Camp installation and should automatically create the VM. If it doesn't then simply create a new VM and choose the option to use your Boot Camp Windows. And, when you get the box, read the manual.

    Seems you are jumping the gun trying to figure out what to do without the product in hand. And, you do not migrate anything. The Transporter is used to migrate from a real PC or a VM created by another virtualization product like VM Fusion.

    BTW, Parallels' web site has a demo you can view. And you can download the documentation here.

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    It has been awhile, but I think all of to do is renamed the .DMG to .HDD.

    This assumes .DMG is a fix size image without any compression.
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    Oh if ONLY it were that easy! I think you are referring to raw .dd images. Renaming those to .DMG will allow OSX access to the images. Or is it the other way around? I forget. Maybe both.