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To those who can help...

I have been using iWeb and am pleased with its ease of use.
Only I am looking for a feature that will allow me to upload certain changes or a certain page that I have created onto the server. Rather than only have the option of publishing all the site changes it would be most beneficial to be able to publish a specific page.

Thank you in advance.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Are you publishing to a non-Mac hosting service? If so then create a permanent folder on your hard drive and publish to it.

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    Then use the free Cyberduck to upload your files to the server. It's able to determine which are the new files and upload only them.

    HOWEVER, do not delete any of the files in that permanent folder after you've uploaded.

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    They must remain so the next time your make edits and publish just the changes via the File->Publish Site Changes menu option only those new files will be published to that permanent folder. Then Cyberduck can do it thing again.

    Another application that can upload only changed files is Web Site Maestro. It optimizes the site files reducing the site's size by up to 48% or so making loading of the site in browsers much faster.

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    Thanks for the response.

    Can I just clarify the situation and check that this procedure is relevant.
    If I have a created a few new pages for the site (non-Mac hosting) and want to only publish one of them, does this system work?

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    Yes if you use Cyberduck or other ftp clients that can determine which files are the new files.