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poodlehead@covad.net Level 1 (10 points)
We can get the text chat working but not the video chat. Also, her screen name shows up in my Buddy list grayed out even though she is logged into iChat.

iMAC G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • poodlehead@covad.net Level 1 (10 points)
    Well we got it going somehow, but don't know how...I did nothing on my end (10.4.11) but she was able to send me a video invite. I accepted and it worked for a while and then it dropped out. The whole time her name is still grayed out in the buddy list.

    1. How do I get her name ungrayed?
    2. How do I send her a video invite?
  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (71,146 points)

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    There can be several reason for this.

    Get her to Text chat to you.
    Go to the Buddies Menu.
    If her Screen Name is dark here (you can Add it) you misspelt her Screen Name or added her as the "Wrong" type of account in a version earlier than iChat 5

    The next can be at your end or hers
    In iChat Menu > Preferences > Accounts > Security are several options about who can see you as being On line. (they appear Off line if you are Blocking them)
    It is unlikely to be Blocking as she can contact you but it might be that she does not have you in the Allow (Specific or Allow Buddy List Only) lists.

    She of course have setting made at her end and be typing in you name in the file Menu Option to start chats.

    Unless you have stopped Off Line Messaging, she may be sending stuff to an Off Line Buddy at her end and getting your immediate response.

    Lastly if she is using iChat 4 or 5 she can be set to Invisible.

    9:29 PM Friday; January 1, 2010

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  • poodlehead@covad.net Level 1 (10 points)
    Thanks for the help. However, the problem is still not solved.

    Before posting my problem, I was able to get the texting going and I added her to my Buddy List, but her name remained grayed out even though we were texting and she was obviously on-line and available.

    We both had setup preferences for blocking turned off.

    When we got the video going (I did nothing, but I think she may have done something) our conversation lasted for a few minutes and then the image got pixelated and the video chat was lost. I was unable to re-initiate the chat from my end. She had to send me a Video chat request and then I would accept. Her name was grayed out the whole time.

    I did notice that one time when the video dropped out my cable modem was resetting itself...is that something that chatting can cause? I have a 20 Mbps downlink and a 10 Mbps uplink through Comcast.

    I think she has iChat 5 and I have iChat 3...are they compatible? Is there a way for me to upgrade?
  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (71,146 points)

    In Video, iChat 2 through 5 are compatible with each other.

    Go to your iChat > Preferences > Video Section and set the Bandwidth Limit to 500kbps
    iChat is Peer-to-Peer in Video and Audio Only chats.
    There is enough data in Video chat to look like Illegal File Sharing which Comcast active combats but cutting the Internet Speed you have.

    Using iChat at what in the "Real" wor=ld is the lowest bandwidth that will let you host 4 Way Video Chats seems to get under the Comcast Radar (Also Road Runner)

    You have not reported if the name shown in the Buddies Menu at the Add item is dark text or if it also shows Grey.

    8:00 PM Saturday; January 2, 2010

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  • poodlehead@covad.net Level 1 (10 points)
    Appreciate your help.

    For whatever reason, she is now showing up in my Buddy list the way she is supposed: grayed when unavailable and Black/Bold when available along with the videocam icon.

    For whatever reason, I can now initiate the video conference successfully.

    Maybe it took a while for something in iChat or AIM to establish our accounts or ??

    We both set our BW to 500 kbps but the Video Chat was still dropped after a few minutes...I noticed that my cable modem reset again. Is this still due to high data rate traffic and something I need to contact Comcast about or ?? My cable modem never drops out normally.
  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (71,146 points)

    The Modem should not reset itself.

    I would ask Comcast about that.
    Point out that you are limiting the Bandwidth.

    They will still try to blame iChat.
    Many people who have come here with Comcast problems say limiting the Bandwidth works so it is not iChat.
    Comcast are known to Manage their Bandwidth in an effort to Combat Peer-to-Peer File Sharing.

    Ask them directly if they distinguish between different Apps that do Peer-to-Peer contact. You may not get a complete of straight answer but your service may improve anyway.

    It maybe just a fault with the device.

    Also go to the iChat > Preferences > Accounts
    In the Account Info tab deselect "Use this Account" to Log out.
    In the Server Setting tab change the port from 5190 to 443 (in iChat 5 you have to hit enter to "Set" the port and SSL might have to be On first)

    8:31 PM Sunday; January 3, 2010

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