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until recently I was operating as it follows: one iMac (Leopard) and one MacBook pro (Snow Leopard) both connected wireless to a Time Capsule. The back up were working fine for both computers. I have then installed a utility called Back in Time to enhance the info you get about back-ups.
I must admit I might have caused some damage to the disk image for the back up for the iMac. At this point nothing is happening any more during the back-up process for the iMac. Meanwhile the back up process for the MacBook pro keep working fine so far.

At this point I am thinking about starting the back-up process from scratch for the iMac: I mean erase the back ups made in the past and start from fresh (without causing problems to what has been done for the MacBook pro). How can I do that?

Mac Book Pro 17" + iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.8)