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I'm sure this has been asked a million times, so I apologize in advance for creating yet another topic discussion forum, but this has been driving me nuts for quite some time.

I received a CAD U37 USB studio condenser mic for xmas and i've been trying to get it to work with Logic Pro. I followed the instructions on how to make an aggregate, and I suppose that I must've done something wrong.

I followed the directions on this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1215 including the entire audio midi setup and aggregate device creation. The only thing that threw me off was the word clock. I have no idea what that is.

Also when recording with the mic on logic pro, the software seems to pick up the audio fine. During recording, you can see that the audio is being picked up through the mixer and the waves show up once I hit stop. The only problem I'm having is the playback, everything else seems to be working fine. Christ somebody help me!!!!!! agh thanks

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    When setting up the Aggregate device...

    Don't know if your mic shows up as an output device, if it does, don't select it. Usually USB mics only show up as a single device or input device.

    So.. the only devices that need to be selected are:

    Built-In-Audio Input and Output plus your USB Mic (input only if it offers a choice)

    This should give you audio output from either your Macbook speakers or Line output if you have speakers or headphones plugged in.

    As for clock setting, try selecting only the Mac's Built-in output.

    Since I don't have a Macbook I'm unsure of all the devices it has for built-in audio. If there's.

    Do not select the Macbook's internal mic as a device, only the Line In/Out and speaker Out if that's a separate device.

    There was a separate problem with some Macbook's sticking on digital out due to the inferior quality multi-function output jack, this left the Macbook with no audio output. Usually you can see a red light shining inside the output connector. It can be unstuck by gently pushing in a toothpick.

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    I bought the same mic and am using logic as well and have had the same problem as you. i finally figured it out!

    once you set up your aggregated device, in your apps audio midi setup, make sure you have the aggregated device as your default input and your default and system outputs should be "Built in output".

    in LOGIC: in the audio preferences, your device should be the aggregated device.
    here's the trick....all of your tracks should be in OUTPUT 3-4. when you make a new audio track, the INPUT should be 3.

    i've been trying to solve this problem for weeks, hope this helps!

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