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How do you import from IMovie to Final Cut Express?

And do you import the project or the file. And if it's the file what format?

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    Page 210 of the FCE 4 Help Manual gives these details:-

    You can open and edit projects created with iMovie using Final Cut Express.
    Important: Project files created in iMovie 2 or earlier cannot be opened in Final Cut Express.

    To open an iMovie project:
    In Final Cut Express, choose File > Open. In the dialog that appears, select the iMovie project you want to open.
    The iMovie project opens in the Browser and contains the sequence and the clips as they appeared in the iMovie Clips pane.
    Important: Final Cut Express does not import iMovie sound effects, audio levels, or transitions. All other applied effects are imported.
    Double-click the sequence to open the iMovie project in the Timeline. Render the sequence.
    The imported clips are linked to the original media files captured in iMovie (found in the iMovie project’s Media folder). These files are iMovie DV Stream files and are encoded differently than the QuickTime files Final Cut Express captures. Keep the following in mind:
    DV Stream files do not have timecode tracks, so media imported from iMovie project files cannot be recaptured. All imported source media must be backed up for future reediting.
    Imported iMovie DV files might not play back or print to tape in real time without being rendered first.

    Importing an iMovie Project Exported as an XML File
    If your version of iMovie can export a project using the Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format, you can import that XML into Final Cut Express.
    To import an XML file created in iMovie:
    In Final Cut Express, choose File > Import > Final Cut XML from iMovie. In the dialog that appears, select the XML file that you want to import and click Choose.
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    This will throw error messages including "insufficient content for edit " if you are using Snow Leopard and you try to use FCE to open an iMovie project created under Leopard or Tiger.

    I think it's a Quicktime incompatibility, but I'm not sure.

    It just plain does not work.
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    Are you saying that you simply cannot import or that when you have imported and try to add transitions, you get the error message?

    That error message usually occurs when you try (incorrectly) to add transitions when your clips do not have "handles". This is a common mistake people make when starting to use FCE.

    I can't comment on your statement as I have not used iMovie recently, so you may be correct.

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    Simply cannot import.

    I choose File > Open. and navigate to the iMovie project I want to open. When I select the .iMovieProject file, I get the error
    "Unable to open file"
    and then
    "Insufficient content for edit"

    This conversion method works flawlessly on my MacBook Pro with Leopard on it, but the new iMac with Snow Leopard chokes.
    I am going to see if I can transfer a FCE project made from a successfully converted iMovie from my laptop to the iMac.

    A bit convoluted, but it just might work.
  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 (19,450 points)

    From what version of iMovie ?

    There are no good way to get a fully editable version over but

    • iMovie'08 & 09 can export the raw material over as an "XLM" ? ? file

    • iMovie up to HD 6 - Can export back to Camera and miniDV tape - this can be imported into FinalCut
    but still not fully editable eg wrong spelled text can't be corrected etc.

    Best strategy is to stay in one editor trough out the full project

    AND - NOT upgrade anything during a project - Very common origin to Sever Problems.

    Yours Bengt W
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    It's from plain ol' iMovie HD.

    I can send over the whole iMovie project as a .DV file and have that "play nice" with FCE, but I want to retain the edits.

    We may just scrap the notion of using FCE for any in-progress projects and finish them up with iMovie.
    Our version of iMovie HD worked fine in Tiger, and we can still use iMovie HD on the iMac. I was hoping to use the partially-completed program as a teaching tool for my kid, but I think we'll just wait for the next film project and start fresh.