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I have several new apps installed that supposedly use push notifications and badges to inform me of what is going on, but none of them (with the exception of Mail and Messages) actually display the badge.

Been looking through the other forums here, and no real solution leaps out, have also emailed the support of "Pocket Weather World with Push" to work out what might be happening. As it is the same on several apps, I guess it is the iPhone the is not right.

I have set all the notifications for sounds, alerts and badges to on.

Any help would be great.


iMac (22") + Iphone 3GS
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    Did you try power your phone off and on again after setting it up?
    Did you try a reset by holding the sleep and home button until the Apple logo comes up again?
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    I'm having a similar yet different problem. I have a new iPhone 3GS 16GB and my push notifications are only partially working. The alerts come though in the sense that they pop up on my screen but I'm getting no accompanying sounds or vibrations in the push apps that gave me accompanying sound and vibrations on the original iPhone that I just upgraded from. It's makes the push useless unless I happen to be looking at my screen when the notifications come through. I have sounds turned on in the notifications settings for all of the apps. I really don't want to have to do a restore and then manually reset all my sync info again if I don't have to and especially if that ends up not solving the problem. If anyone knows of any other suggestions or a fix, I would be most appreciative.

    Also, I have restarted and reset the iPhone several times.


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    I have exactly the same problem as mentioned in the OP. I got an 8Gb iPhone 3G for Christmas, it's running OS v3.1.2, and the push notifications don't work. At first I assumed this was because the apps in question had no notifications to send me, but today I installed Chess With Friends and when the app is not running it fails to notify me when it's my move. No alert, no sound, not even a badge. And I've never had any alerts, sounds or badges from my other Push Notification apps either. Aren't push notifications supposed to work even when the app is closed? What's going on?

    Yes, I've restarted my phone. No change.

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    All you thread hijackers - you have set Push to on in each havent you - its under Notifications.
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    Yes, notifications are turned on, in both the global and app-specific sections of the notification settings page. I'm not a moron.

    If I enable push in my email settings then it works, and in fact it causes the email app to load in the background and stay loaded. Even if the email app gets unloaded due to memory running low it just reloads itself almost straight away. However, with email pushing turned off (i.e. set to "manual") the email app will not load itself at all (unless I manually open it from the home page).

    Now I'm not sure how push is supposed to work but this behaviour in the email app makes me think that an app can only get push notifications when it is loaded in memory. This would appear to be further evidenced by the fact that my other push-enabled apps DO get push notifications when they are open and running in the foreground, but when they're closed they don't get any notifications and - unlike the email app - while they're closed they are NOT resident in memory.

    All this sounds like good theorizing to me except that I thought push notifications were supposed to work even when an app is not running? Isn't that the whole point of them?
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    problem seems to have gone away with improved 3G signal and updates from the apps in question