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If I setup a server based bootable system image on a latest Mac Mini Snow Server, and my Intel Mac boots off of this image, would this be equivalent to using the iMac as a thin client? If yes, would this work well over a 802.11n network (vs. a wired, Ethernet network)?


MacBook Pro IC2D 2.16Ghz 2GB, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    it would be close. if you leave the internal disk on the client machine, users can save data to it.

    i wouldn't use 802.11n for netboot clients. it may work, but at some point you'll likely experience network dropouts, which would be like pulling the plug on a netbooted system. for the most reliable results, you'll want at least 100 base-t or greater ethernet. you don't necessarily have to reqire your whole home for this. depending on the number of machines involved, you might only need a few runs from a decent switch in the middle.

    again, while it's technically possible with recent macs (like the macbook air), i don't recommend netbooting over wireless.
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    So from this, it is to be gathered that NetBoot is something exclusively meant for stationary Macs it's not even an option with regards to mobile Macs? If I want to manage mobile Macs such as MacBook Pros etc. that are wireless by design what would be the ideal way? I would assume Portable Home Directories?
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    yes, if you're looking to manage these machines, you'd use either portable homes or local homes with mcx set at the computer level.