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We have a MacBook w.w Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo that needs a clean install because it ejects commercial CDs. It accepts all other media and empty CDs. We own a disk for OS Leopard 10.5 and the disks for the 15 inch MacBook Pro 10.5.6. Can we use the 10.5.6 disks for this installation or do we have to start with the old Leopard and update?

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    That is a 2.2 GHz not w.w.
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    What makes you think that doing an Erase & Install will solve the problem? You cannot use the disks for the MacBook Pro because they are obviously machine specific. You need to use the disks that came with your MacBook or a retail version of Leopard. I would hesitate to go through that process and find out that it was not the solution. So why not post in the appropriate forum for your MacBook and describe your hardware issue there.
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    Thanks for your reply Sig. I have been through the hardware issues to the point of having a new superdrive installed. The issue has not been resolved which leads me to believe that it is a software issue that the service center did not deal with. The only action left at this point is a clean install to see if this will take care of the problem. The computer is my daughters and her original disks are in another country. She is home on vacation right now and I would like to solve this issue for her. I have a Mac OSX Leopard Install DVD version 10.5 that, as you said, should work. I am trying to confirm that.
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    FYI in OS X there is no "clean install." Your options are:
    1. Erase & Install
    2. Archive & Install
    3. Upgrade

    One or more of the options may be grayed out. If you opt for an Archive & Install be sure to check "Preserve User Settings." In any case back up the hard drive.
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    Sig. Thanks for the clarity. The computer is backed up. Would you recommend 1 or 2? We already tried to upgrade to Snow Leopard and that didn't solve the problem.
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    As I said before installing Snow Leopard may not solve your problem. Post in the appropriate MacBook Computer Hardware forum. What kind of commercial DVD'ds?
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    Have you tried logging in to a different user account to see if the problem persists there?
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    i spoke with the local apple store and they convinced me that the problem was indeed with the superdrive eventhough we had a new one installed in August 2009. He explained that the older models sometimes received superdrive replacements of lower quality and it would not surprise him if the new superdrive was faulty and no one checked it thoroughly.