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Have a tender to get in tomorrow and disaster has struck!

Basically, I had to restart my iMac but now at the Login Window no passwords are accepted. Trying to start up from the install disk but the computer won't recognise the Startup Key 'C' and boots to the login window which won't recognise passwords across any of the accounts registered.

Whilst in Word (latest) I noticed that trying to place the cursor just caused a word, line or even the whole paragraph to be selected. When I went to quit word (cmd-q) caused the 'Logout' screen to appear but I could quit from the Menu Bar. In fact trying to quit any program caused the logout screen to display. I quit all programs. Some required holding down the icon in the dock which then showed a very very slow response in the graphics display.

On restart the computer went into Safe Boot but would not accept my password. After the 2nd attempt I tried to start from my install disk but these were just ignored.

Has anybody got any ideas on how to get out of this?


iMac, Mac Mini & Powerbook G4 15 and PowerMac 466, Mac OS X (10.6.2)