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Hey guys,

If I delete my iTunes folder will I lose all my songs and be forced to re-download each of them because.I have had this extremely frustrating problem that just recently started occurring with iTunes. I have read many discussion forums but can’t seem to find a working solution. Every time I try to open iTunes I get an error message that says “iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close.” The same thing happens when I try to open Quicktime.

I have completely uninstalled Quicktime and iTunes along with their components (Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, etc.) and then reinstalled each of them and that does nothing. I do NOT use iTunes for my iPod, I simply use iTunes to listen to my music(if that makes a difference).

I have also tried the method of installing Quicktime by itself and not with iTunes with the same outcome. The only method I have not tried is completely removing all files and folders that have to do with iTunes because I am worried if I delete those files with all the music I have bought it will have to be downloaded again or lost.

There was A LOT of information in the “Error Report Contents” but it would have taken me all night to type it all accurately. If that is what is needed then I am willing to provide any other information about this problem in hope of getting some useful suggestions or solutions. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

Windows XP