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LMM50 Level 1 Level 1
I have a new Airport Extreme with a MyBook USB disk connected. I have file sharing turned on with a disk password. I believe everything starts up ok, but I do not see the disk listed anywhere that I can access it. I'm running in a Windows XP environment. I have all my iTunes on the external disk. I need to be able to name the location of my library. It should show up under My Computer as a network disk, I think? If not, how do I access it?

Dell Dimension 4700, Windows XP, Dell Studio Laptop 1535
  • John Zwiebel Level 1 Level 1
    I found the MyBook is formatted for WindowsNTFS.
    I understand that the base station only supports HFS+ or FAT.
    I had to reformat my drive to HFS+ for my mac to see it.

    (I did try to manually mount it first with smb://)
  • DaddyPaycheck Level 6 Level 6
    MyBook USB=junk.

    If you search the forums you will find many users with problems with this particular brand.

    Does this drive have an external AC power supply brick? If not, Apple recommends the use of a powered USB hub.