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If I download a podcast to my iPhone (16GB 3G with latest software), the album artwork will display on the phone. However, downloading the podcast in iTunes on my Intel MacBook Pro running the latest version of Snow Leopard and iTunes results in no artwork for the podcast, and this artwork still does not show up if I choose the "Get Album Artwork" option from the right-click menu.

When I sync my iPhone with iTunes and the podcasts I downloaded directly to my phone are transferred to my computer, the artwork disappears. The podcasts show up in my library sans art and the lack of art remains if I sync the files back to my phone.

Also, I've noticed that the synced podcasts don't behave normally. Some have a blank "Description" field next to the podcast title in list mode, and if I download this same podcast through iTunes, it will show up in the podcast list right next to the synced episode, without the proper artwork, but with the proper descriptive text. What's going on here?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Late Summer 2007
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    Same here. I've got an iPhone and am running iTunes on Windows XP and I can't get any info about why I have no cover art for my subscribed podcasts in iTunes.
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    Ditto -- but I'm having the exact same problem on an iPad2....

    ...you'd think Apple would of ADDRESSED/FIXED this glitch by now!!

    Wow, they sure are lazy and I won't even get into my awful experience at the Genius Bar...
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    Though I don't have an iPhone to check, I would guess it is displaying the podcast image referenced in the feed, which also appear in the iTunes Store page.

    When you subscribe to a podcast in iTunes on a computer, this image does not appear. An image for each individual episode can be shown, but it has to be actually embedded in the media file. Many podcast producers don't choose to do this (or don't know they can) and so no image will appear.
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    It doesn't matter if you subscribe or don't subscribe. The SAME problem persists! Likewise, you can download the same podcast correctly with the art work and track info via iTunes on your computer, yet when you go to synch with your device (in my case, an iPad2), you then LOSE the cover art and the track info. Same goes for when you do the reverse.

    As I said before, Apple is LAZY and you'd think by now they'd FIXED this. They must be too busy believing their own hype...
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    Yup, I was right...almost a year goes by without Apple Inc. fixing or addressing this problem for its customers.  I guess they're too busy drinking their own Kool-Aid while patting themselves on the back for being so cool and hip.

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    To be truthful this isn't likely a iTunes issue at all but a content provider issue. See this article:


    http://www.howtomakepodcastslikeapro.com/how-to-make-sure-your-podcast-artwork-i s-behaving-itself/


    So the best thing to do is to contact the podcast submitter and ask them if they could add the artwork and resubmit it. It might take awhile but that will hopefully fix the issue.