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I traded up an unused cell phone for an IPhone from AT&T for my wife. She logged into ITunes and used my account info etc to register. I have now bought an IPhone and did the same thing, same info. Now when we sync, the computer/ITunes only sees 1 phone. How do I change my wife's phone info so that it shows her phone when she logs into ITunes and I see mine, seperate phones?

Toshiba, Windows XP Pro
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    It does show each iPhone as separate iPhones.

    There is no device limit for the number of iPods and/or iPhones that can be synced with the same iTunes library and same iTunes account on the same computer.

    Each iPhone can have different sync preferences with iTunes on the same computer. This is selected under the various tabs for the iPhone sync preferences with each iPhone.

    For music, you can create an iTunes playlist or multiple playlists for the music you want transferred to your iPhone only. Under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences, choose selected playlists, genres, and artists. Select the iTunes playlist or playlists in the window below that you want transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync.

    The same under the Podcasts, Video, Photos, and Applications tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.

    Your wife does the same with her iPhone.
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    It should do this automatically.

    When you sync yours did you choose set up as new iphone? You should.

    If you chose to use the backup, then you made both the same.

    You need to restore as a new phone.

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    Be sure you're only connecting one phone at a time. iTunes keeps them separate - I have two iPhones and an iPod Touch synced to the same Mac, with overlapping sets of apps, etc., on the different devices. iTunes keeps them all straight. To help you keep them straight, give them different names (click once on the phone name in the devices list on the left in iTunes, then type a new name).
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    Stupid as it sounds, I'm not sure that I set them up as seperate phones. Assuming I didn't and need to restore hers, this means that any apps she downloaded under my account name, will be lost? Also, she downloaded music from an older ITunes library that we have since erased and downloaded the latest ITunes version so, if she syncs now, her exixting music will be lost I guess.
    I'll plug her phone in tonight to see exactly how it registers ie as hers or mine. Thanks for the help folks, still getting my head around the multiple phone issues. My daughter also has one and hers is registered in her name, same computer and seperate libraries in Playlists as described in the earlier post.
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    Apps downloaded with iTunes on your computer that remain in your iTunes library on your computer will not be lost. With the first sync after downloading an app with your iPhone, the app will be transferred to your iTunes library on your computer.

    Since you are husband and wife, I suggest using the same iTunes account between you for each iPhone. If not, you will need to be constantly logging in and out of each iTunes account depending on which iPhone is connected to iTunes for syncing. 3rd party apps include DRM protection, which is tied to the iTunes account used to purchase/download the app.