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Hey there,

After experience ISP server connectivity issues and updating to a Boosted internet connection, my cable company provided me with the Motorola SBV5222 modem. Depending on high/low traffic times, I have been experiencing connectivity slow downs (this occurred before and after receiving a new modem).

On 1/4/09 @ 9:30 PM EST, my cable company instructed me to do a speed test while connected to Airport, I timed out. After connecting directly via ethernet, my speed was clocked at:

Download: 25.4Mb/s - Upload: 5.10Mb/s (Extremely Good)

After reconnecting to the Airport, transfer rate was again, slow as molasses.

Conducted another speed test starting @ 9:30 AM EST, first test timed out, second test results were Download: 27.4Mb/s - Upload: 5.12Mb/s. Of course at this point, I am starting to loose it.

Now here comes the clinker, when the cable tech installed the new modem, he let it slip re computability issues between the Motorola SBV5222 and Airport Extreme. After a bit of brain storming I wondered if there may be an Airport firewall issue. My Airport specs are listed below:

Airport Summary:
Radio Mode: 802.11n (802.11b/g compatible)
Channel: Automatic
Multicast rate: 5.5Mbps
WPA Timeout: 1 Hour
Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal

Configure IPv4: Using DHCP
DHCP Lease: 4 Hours
NAT Port Mapping: Enabled

Connections through Airport:
External Hard drive 1.50TB
Samsung BDP-4600 connected via ethernet cable for Netflix

Virtual Machine: Windows 7 - WMware Fusion 3

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


MacBook Pro 5,1, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Airport Extreme 5.4.2