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I want to use Real Flight Simulator G5 for mac. I couldn't find anything saying it was compatible for mac. I was wondering if I use Parallells or Boot Camp, would that work? I saw on a forum somewhere it said Virtual Pc on mac that it wasn't compatible. Has anyone else tried using Real Flight Simulator G5 on a mac?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,

    RFS should work quite fine when installing Windows on your Mac with BootCamp.
    Basically with BootCamp you install and run Windows as if you are on any other given Windows PC.

    Parallels and the other virtualization apps (VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox) are not the best for running Windows games.

    Virtual PC was an emulator that enabled older PowerPC Macs to run Windows. Maybe because of the different processor used (PowerPC then, Intel now) RFS didn't worked with Virtual PC.


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    I'm running Real Flight G4.5 on a Mac Pro through Parallels 5. The virtual machine is running Windows XP. It is running well with good frame rates and no performance issues.

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    A Mac Pro and a Mac-Mini don't come close when it comes to VM, processor performance, RAM, graphics capability. And disk drives.