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I really need help. I use my iPhone everyday so I really want to fix my iPhone asap...

Basically, my iPhone right now doesn't turn on properly. Every time I press power button, the apple logo shows up then 30 seconds after, it shuts off.

All I did before having this problem was power off my iPhone but it froze on the spinning wheel screen so I held home and power....

I tried everything to try to fix it... I held Home+Power numerous times. I tried putting it into recovery mode, and that doesn't work. I tried DFU mode - nope. I tried Home+power then release power, holding onto home - that didn't work either.

I have no warranty on this iPhone but I'm going to visit the Genius bar in 3 days if I can't revive this phone. I'm afraid repair costs would be really high and I end up not fixing it - thus eliminating a significant belonging of mine.

Please provide some advice on how to fix my iPhone. And if you know the repair costs, I'd like that information too. I just need some sort of idea what the cost range is going to be.


iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.2