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Yet another topic on so called magic mouse, which seems not so magic now. Though I'd still love to buy it!

Anyway, I've been looking into it for days, and once MagicPrefs became available middle click issue for OS X was solved. However, both my work and studies require frequent use of Windows CAD applications (hope remains it will feature Mac versions one day), where navigating with middle button is essential.

I've tried to look through discussion boards, but didn't find anything similar to this. Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro (Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    I'm not exactly sure what the question is... but I run Windows under VMware and the middle click still effects OSx behavior, not the Windows machine. There are several possibilities but I'm betting VMware tools has an affect on how windows reacts.

  • Scott Saia Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    We have the magic mouse working now with windows 7 through Parallels 5. It is on a new 21.5" iMac. By installing MagicPrefs, the middle click feature now works even in ACAD MEP 2008 (middle button panning).
    Just wanted to tell somebody that in case they wanted to know.
    MagicPrefs even smooths out tracking in OSX SL. I don't think Apple is done yet with the drivers for these mice. For a laser mouse the tracking seemed clunky to me but MagicPrefs helps that and gives us all the functionality a touch pad mouse should have.
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    I have the same need as yours. I need to use CAD programs such as AutoCAD, ProE, Alias, and C4D under BootCamp. Middle click function is a must for these programs. When using OS X's CAD programs, I use MagicPrefs's middle click function. But when using Windows XP's CAD programs under BootCamp, I can't find any program or driver which supports middle click function. Anyone knows?
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    Same here.

    I need middle mouse function enabled for Magic Mouse in Windows 7.

    I won't be able to use the Magic Mouse until that happens.
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    Have you figured this out yet? I just starting using the Magic Mouse (with Magicprefs) and I love it. However, I also use Autocad on Windows Vista through Bootcamp. I fear I may not be able to stay with the Magic Mouse. I have been able get scrolling to work on Windows but not the center click. I use center-click only for panning and perhaps using the pan tool will be good enough but I imagine it will slow me down. Any idea if Magicprefs will be upgraded to work on Windows?
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    Crickets chirping every time I pose the question.

    Hey, Apple.

    When are you going to enable Middle Mouse function in Boot Camp?
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    <rant> This is a big deal, but not really being taken seriously. Apple hasn't even bothered to work it out in their own OS yet. Thanks @vladalexa [MagicPrefs], a developer from Romania, for the final decision on the 70$ purchase )@steve(. Otherwise, the native software cannibalizes too much of the hardware's built-in functionality to justify the investment. Virtual machines would solve this issue, but I just don't have the free hardware resources to accommodate the kind of software I run. </rant>

    i don't care how )magicprefs for windows / other manufacturer's driver / whatever works!(, there needs to be support for middle click in windows )native, not virtual(. it's like have a scroll wheel that doesn't work on a 70$ mouse...

    fingers crossed
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    I have the same problem as the other persons in this topic: the middle click is essential to work with CAD software (under Windows XP). So when I am working with CAD I use the mighty mouse of another mac, which seams quite stupid. Perhaps Apple will take it serious if as many people as possible reply to this topic.
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    I use Windows XP through Parallels to run AutoCAD 2010 with a Magic Mouse. I was able to get the middle-button-pan function working using my Magic Mouse. I downloaded MagicPrefs and set the "One finger middle axis click" to "middle click". Then, to turn off the Dashboard/Widgets access I went to "Expose & Spaces" in System preferences and set the Dashboard settings so that "Secondary Mouse Button" was NOT selected in the pull down menu.

    Not sure if this helps anyone; I know Expose & Spaces is not available in earlier OS X versions, but I'm running the latest one.