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Open Aperture (2.1.4) this morning to find it asking me for my serial number.

I had been using Aperture with no problem last night so I don't know why this has happened.

I used Time Machine to restore the following file from the day before and everything is now OK:


Posted in case anyone else has this problem.

Intel iMac, iMac G4, Powerbook G4, iPhone 3G, Apple TV, 3G iPod, 2G Shuffle, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Aperture 2.1.4
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    I had the same situation some time ago. I can't remember if it was with 2.1.4 or an earlier version.

    I worked with Aperture one day and closed it. Next day, Aperture started up with it's startup screen which contains the serial number.
    Then a box popped up and asked me to enter the serial again. I just read the number from the startup dialog and entered it again - everything was fine.

    Maybe it's just a check if you're already awake and ready to work with Aperture
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    The serial number was missing from my startup screen so I couldn't do that