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I am self-employed and try to keep a note of the days I work and where I work in Calendar on my Iphone.
I tried to add all of last months dates as all-day appointments, and after I add two, the third one causes all the other appointments I've added that month to disappear.
Does anyone have any thoughts?


PowerBook 15/1.67, Mac OS X (10.4.8), also an iBook in the flat
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    iPhone model (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS)?

    What version of the OS are you on(1.1, 2.21, 3.1)?
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    Sorry, all this should have been in the first post.

    3GS and OS is 3.1.2 (7D11)

    It's just the weirdest problem I've had with this thing.

    Thanks for coming back to us.

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    Make sure all your applications are sync to the computer.
    After that uncheck sync applications and click apple.
    This will remove all applications from your iPhone (you can add them back by checking sync applications again).
    Test calendars entries with just the standard applications that came on the iPhone.
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    Just tried your suggestion, deleted and re-installed all the apps on the iPhone.

    I enter 1, 2, all-day appointments then the 3rd deletes the 1st, the 4th deletes the 3rd after a while, 30 secs?, the 5th deletes the 4th after the same sort of time period.

    Not terribly unhappy, if I know I can't rely on this app, just use something else.

    Just gone back over the previous months and random appointments have been deleted as well.

    Thanks agaoin for taking the time to try and help.

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    andydoran did you test the calendar before adding back all the apps? That was the point of the test. If it still does not work then Restore the iPhone and when finished it will ask you if you want to restore from backup or setup as new iPhone. Do not choose either. Disconnect iPhone and test. If it works without anything on it except OS then you have a user installed app from app store causing the problem.
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    Some days ago I asked for advice for a similar problem. My iPhone calendar would not synch back to my iMac. In addition, the phone was doing weird things like ringing, but I was unable to hear the caller, who could hear me.

    So I followed iPhone3Gguy's advice and, fingers crossed, it is working again. Both iCal and the ability for a caller to hear.

    I hope I am not being premature, but thanks.
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    Well, I tried the restore interruptus method, and the entries stayed.

    I then re-installed my apps, getting rid of all the dubious provennace free apps, spirit levels, games etc.

    It's losing entries in calendar again.

    So it isn't a rogue app, it seems to be one of the updates I installed recently.


    There are only so many times you can face deleting and re-installing apps.

    ANYway thanks for the help.

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    Ok so I hope you understand that troubleshooting method proved it was a third party added app that caused your problem. So the calendar will work without it. You can add the apps back on one at a time and test until you find the one causing the trouble. Once you do contact their support to see if they know about it and have a fix or update coming soon.
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    It's not just you. It happened to me this morning. I just posted my issue under "iCal bugs?".
    There's no way I'm deleting all my Apps and reinstalling them. They are the same Apps I've always had. This is a new problem. I just bought this 3Gs after Christmas.
  • iphone3Gguy Level 3 Level 3 (565 points)
    Restore your iPhone (now it is without the apps downloaded from the app store if you do not restore from backup or let it sync) Now test.
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Not a solution I know but there are some great free Apps out there to achieve this and far more elegantly - written specifically for consultants spending time on different projects etc.

    Worth an investigate IMO.
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    I tried to reproduce the issue on my iPhone and guess what? Mine works fine. I can enter four all day appointments not problem using the calendar app that came with the iPhone without spending money on a app to do it.
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    Hello guys, thanks for waiting for the next exiting installment of my iPhone problem saga.

    I have restored, entered appointments, then re-installed apps and guess what?

    *Nothing happened!*

    No deletion of anything.

    So I'm just going to keep a careful watch on how the phone behaves, and see if it falls over.

    I had a thought there was an app that I had removed, Kindle?, sometime ago, has anyone had any problems with that??

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.

    Andy Doran